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泰国电视剧一夫两妻|骨刺消痛膏According to Kirby can calculate, lyu3 bu4 to bypass the mountains, at least seven days, so long enough for him to arrange everything waiting for lyu3 bu4 into the pot.Two people listened to dizzy, a face of blankness, didn't expect this thing there are so many ways, the han people are terrible, looked at lyu3 bu4's eyes also more worship.Chapter 37 aggressive

This time, accompanied by not only five thousand cavalry, there are five thousand horses, this time, with cavalry is no different.At the same time, some voices of discontent were heard among the tribes as well as the great success of Kirby, but because Kirby was now too powerful, they did not erupt, only in secret.Xu togeher shook his head, did not answer, but looked at cao cao way: "I have proposed, let lombardi qingqi surprise attack xuchang, head and tail."泰国电视剧一夫两妻|"Hey, you can't say that." Pang Tong leaned against the wall, Look at the sky way: "rule are such things, Is to break the old, set up a new, these things are very troublesome to you, in short, tell you a thing, lyu3 bu4 to do now, bigger than cao cao, lombardi, he wants to break this inherent thing, so he will stand on the opposite side of the family, this kind of thing, from ancient times to now, is a party was completely destroyed to end. "

泰国电视剧一夫两妻|"With your performance in the western regions, lyu3 bu4 will at least give you a miscellaneous general status, why go? Here is not good?" Pang tong puzzled look at zhaoyun, but see zhaoyun also a face of doubt toward him: "why? I have something on my face?""Master..." After all left, sentence suddenly want to speak, but was timuzhen wave interrupted, behind the two bodyguards made a look, two bodyguards, immediately came to the tent, to prevent eavesdropping."Roar ~" a famous xianbei soldiers after the initial panic, began to frenzied to the people around the counter-attack, for a while, the whole tribe filled with fierce fighting sound.

Thought of guan yu, coss suddenly found that the two people are really a little similar!"Now have a good rest, tonight we set out, as long as into the big green mountain, even if the han people found out, I am sure to lose them." Lyu3 bu4 laughed, the garrison in the mountains, as early as in the step of root death news, lyu3 bu4 has secretly sent someone to inform giffin will be around the military forces away some, if not to avoid suspicion, even if he now with people across, also won't meet half a garrison."The strategist said heavy, just..." Zhang he wry smile way: "Our army for step, if refused to keep the city and still have a chance of life, but if out of the city, may not d enemy."泰国电视剧一夫两妻|




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