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刷单兼职|天然蜜蜡专卖实体店"Er..." Zhang Fei frowned at Zhuge Liang. "Didn't you say it was the other side's plan?""Ha ha, guan yu man, unexpectedly escaped!" Tardif rode on horseback, see guan yu don't fight and flee, while taunting, while is chasing, rare guan yu tiger now fall pingyang, how can let go of this opportunity.Four elite guanzhong rushed into the army, shu army is silent around, watched his master was taken away, but no one dare to resist.

"Kang Cheng-gong is old after all." Zhuge liang shook his head.Chapter one hundred and three dragon sing fengming (part two)Wei yan, zhang ren, zhang fei these people in the game, is killed, nearly a month down, both sides have a win or lose, loss is almost the same, pang tong and zhuge liang although have not yet decided the outcome, but the men continue to fight at high intensity for nearly months, but it is some not to hold, both sides also can only temporarily truce, prepare for the next round of attack.刷单兼职|"Guan Yu, dog thief, bring your life!" Tardif turned the horse's head, again pick off the crescent moon halberd, back again rushed to guan yu, as long as guan yu died, jingzhou army without a leader, just by tracing the cause of the military forces.

刷单兼职|Over there, he qi, pan zhang with military forces from both sides to kill, guan yu's army began to be washed away, zhou tai at the moment to make a hand, clap horse dance knife and tardif to fight guan yu.Cao Cao glanced at Kong Rong, looked at Liu Xie again, with a sigh in my heart, Although lyu3 bu4 seal king have that piece of seal, By this time, There's nothing to stop it, But at least it's not going to make sense, At least he had reason to deny the authenticity of the seal, But this seal, is lyu3 bu4 trophies, really is the court, at the beginning of the year, in order to strengthen their prestige, liu bei and others but spare no effort to publicize the effectiveness and authenticity of the seal to the world, originally want to inspire governors fighting spirit, who want that battle to the end will be like that?Growing up in different environments, There are also different ways of thinking, If lyu3 bu4 is here, Knowing someone was planning a rebellion, I'm afraid I'll just sit here with Damascus Golden Blade, Although Lu Zheng also killed people, On the battlefield, but usually is the object of protection, there is no lyu3 bu4 so much experience, nature can't be like lyu3 bu4 even know the danger, can still be in the center of the storm, although looks very bold, but once lyu3 bu4, for lyu3 bu4 forces, is absolutely a devastating blow.

"Sound the trumpet!" Zhang fei cold hum 1, and did not give the order to retreat, but life blew up the horn."By water!" Watching the remnants of the soldiers around them die one by one, But still can't break out, he qi a tardif, two people rushed toward the port, Xing Daorong hurriedly commanded soldiers encirclement and suppression, just two people familiar with the qua terrain, and the port there guan yu can't lay defense, was killed by two people out of a blood road, looking for a boat down the river, jingzhou soldiers said, also can only look at the river sigh."No? No way!" Pang tong shook his head: "If not, then take the opportunity to arrest him."刷单兼职|




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