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电视剧夫妻密码|周公朱砂通眠贴Lyu3 bu4 face heavy cold look at the dark tu the army with collapse as if to the power of heaven and earth as the flood surge, a wave of his hand, the column into three rows of a title of generals in ancient times the camp held up the rhubarb crossbow, the former two rows of squat down or crouch, cold JianCu aimed at getting closer and closer to tu the workforce."Don't cover for her, soldiers have been trained, long skills!" Lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1 way: "can know her to go where?"Psychologically speaking, people with physical defects or ugly appearance usually have an innate sense of inferiority in their bones. Once such people have outstanding abilities in some aspects, they will become extremely proud. Lu bu did not pay attention to pang tong's rudeness, which he still has room for.

If the wenping really, not jingxiang first, but also few rivals, many years honed marlery, simple and simply, but also deep and killer, this serious up, suddenly let lu lingqi feel the pressure."Samba? Lv bu nodded and said, "it doesn't matter what your status was before. As long as you can train me a qualified eagle, you can enter the reserve team of my hussar camp and train the eagle specially for my hussar camp. Of course, if you let me know that you dare to cheat me, I will make you regret that your mother gave you life."Linrong, suburb.电视剧夫妻密码|"They are the king, and it is lupus who took these three hundred soldiers and lured daru out of the city." Tanu pointed to the horse with a look of fear in his eyes. Although he had never seen how the three hundred men defeated the thousand soldiers of daru, it was too fierce after the troops entered the city. Daru was the warrior of the king of tu.

电视剧夫妻密码|Chang 'an, the beginning of the battle was very abrupt."Wait, see." Another general of high prestige shook his head. Now they needed to determine the attitude of the han people. Since they had sent someone to show that there was no hostility at least for the time being, and the other generals nodded their heads, it was best not to start a war with the han army."Don't say that, wen and come here, show you some good things." Lv bu stood up with a smile and beckoned zhou cang to lead a war horse to him.

"What's the difference? She's not as good as I am." Lu lingqi stubborn stare at lu bu, eyes yong cool, dare to contradict with lu bu, I am afraid there is only one.Come back to life?Tinker the street outside, on the way to a cavalry straight toward the tinker. Led by a warrior, holding a rod xuan spend big axe, hob, wearing eye dew yoshimitsu, looked at closer to tinker, eyes flashing with a hot, at this time, suddenly leaps in the tinker a howling arrow, led by a heavy blow to heart, there is a bad feeling rises in the bottom of my heart.电视剧夫妻密码|





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